Welcome to Corvette Parts NZ.

Corvette Parts has been in business in Tauranga since 1989, specialising in Corvette parts importing & Corvette service.

Corvette Parts NZ aim is to provide our customers with

  • Personal customer service
  • Genuine and reproduction new parts
  • Consolidated air and sea freight orders to keep your Corvette parts at the lowest possible price.
  • Servicing, repairs, and restoration
  • Informative knowledge about Corvettes
  • Large selected inventory on hand
  • Used parts
  • Rebuilding service

Inventory ranges from the smallest screws such as a single mirror mount and full interior screw kits, up to large items such as fibreglass replacements bumpers & hoods.

We can’t stock everything for every car but it’s no problem to order items in one of our regular consolidated air freight orders.

We order every 2-3 weeks or if it’s a very urgent parts we can do a 4 days service.  We also can do consolidated sea freight on those large heavy parts.

Feel free to contact us for further information.